Free tools to improve your team

To make your team - and organization - better, you first need to map out how things are now. Our tools give you insight into the health of your team and the culture of the organization. With the results in hand, you can start improving your team and your organization. Each tool gives you useful tips and tricks to make improvements. Are you stuck? We are happy to help you!

Psychological safety

Measure the psychological safety in your team completely anonymously.

Schneider Culture Scan

With this tool you assess the general culture of your organization. Is it mainly a Control, Competence, Collaboration or Cultivation culture?

Developer Culture Scan

Measure the Development culture in your organization. Do you have what it takes to attract and retain talent?


Using these tools is a first step towards improvement. The tools give you insight with which you can apply suitable interventions. For example, working on the psychological safety of a team by getting to know each other better (do an escape room together, or make one yourself ) and rewarding interpersonal risks (hold a failure party 🎉).